Robert Hanson

Insurance is required

Car insurance is required by law so that you do not get stuck with a bill due to what I did.
Health insurance is required by law so that you do not get stuck with the bill for what I did... again. 
At one point I got real sick, and had no health insurance. US taxpayers got to pick up my more than $100k bill. I gambled that I did not need health insurance, and taxpayers lost. 
I think that makes me a too big to fail bank.... 
Robert Hanson


So first off we have the New York Post & FoxNews complaing that President Obama used a binderclip on the Jobs bill, which they hate. It seems it was to "chintzy" for them. Should he have spent more money on it, so they can claim it is government waste? Oh, and they also hate that it is only 150 pages or so long...because earlier they complained about the Healthcare bill being so long. I guess we are looking for the perfct Goldilocks length somewhere between the 2 documents, which must be held together with something more "dignified" then a binderclip.

Next up we have Pat Robertson and the 700 Club. Pat told the audience that a husband should be encouraged to divorce his wife with Alzheimer's because she was, for all intents and purposes, already dead. Just ignore that "Till death do you part" part of the vows. It is more of a guideline, really.

And then FoxNews is all over the 4 troopers on the ground in Libya, claiming this is proof Obama has broken his promise that there would not be any troops on the ground there. What are these troops doing there? They are checking the US Embasy for boobytraps and bombs, so they can make the place safe for Embassy personel to come back to the place. Maybe FoxNews would prefer that we just let untrained civilians walk in and find the boobytraps in a nasty explody way? After all dead Americans makes for good ratings.

And last but not least, 15.1% of America is living in poverty. This is a 6% jump in one year. It would have been even worse if extended unemployment was not given out.

Robert Hanson

Love my life

I have two wonderful women in my life, and love them both. They make me very happy.
Now if I could just get over this pneumonia I have been dealing with forever. 
Robert Hanson

Snarks make me smile

So I found me a nice little poly snark community that makes me smile. Also, it goes so well with many of the comments made at the unofficial poly panel at Conflation.
Robert Hanson

Rose By Any Other Name... the web series

Posting this so I remember to watch it

This is a web series all about modern life, love and manners in which a comfortably out and proud woman who identifies as Lesbian and a nice progressive straight man serendipitously meet and then unexpectedly find themselves falling for each other. Many complications abound and confusion, hilarity (& some angst) and thoughtfulness ensue as our intrepid and very human protagonists navigate Life In These Times.
Robert Hanson

Hey buddy, can you spare a dime?

$100 million is $0.33 per American citizen. That is about 1/8 the cost of a latte at Starbucks. $1 billion is $3.33 per American.

$1 trillion is $333.33 per American, which is less then the cost of one year's worth of unlimited text and cell phone calls.

Spread over 10 years, that $1 trillion is about the same cost per citizen as filling up your gas tank one time each year, $33.33.

Per month of that 10 years, that is a whopping $2.78 per month...or less then the cost of a big bag of chips at Quicktrip, or less then $0.10 per day (Yes, even in Feb).

More then 3,000 American men, women and children die each month due to not having heath insurance.

Remember this when you get told it will cost $1 trillion dollars over the next 10 years to save those lives.
Robert Hanson

If it is good to give States rights over the Fed, then...

One of the current political pushes says that we can solve all the problems in the world by giving the States more power, as this would allow smaller groups of Americans to decide what works best for them, without interfering with, or interference from, their neighbors.

Now, following this line of logic, then it would be even better if each County could override the States rules, each City overrides the County, each Neighborhood Association overrides each City, and each House overrides each Neighborhood Association, and each Person overrides each House. The Church doesn't have an official position in this, as they are just there as 'Advisors'.

Using this system of logic we should quickly and easily have a nice set of Laws that are clearly defined and understood by everyone. We could put all of these Laws into a collection and then give them a name, like Anarchy.

I was reading some comments on the American Thinker website which is what started me down this line of...thinking?
Robert Hanson

Greater St. Louis Reniassance Faire Open House

Sign-ups for volunteer cast and crew for the 2010 season of the Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire will be held Saturday, January 9, 2010 at St. Charles Community College from 10 am to 2 pm.

Learn all about the Faire and how you can become involved. The performing guilds (Royal Court, Guards, Villagers, Scots, Germans, and Fae) and the service guilds (Front Gate, Kids' Kingdom and Orange Support Staff) will have displays, and costumed staff will be available to answer all your questions.

If you love garb/costuming, love people, love history, and love performing, you'll find a wonderful opportunity at the Faire.

Saturday, January 9, 2010 from 10:00am - 2:00pm
St. Charles Community College
4601 Mid Rivers Mall Drive
St. Charles, MO 63304