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August 2013
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Morgaath [userpic]
If it is good to give States rights over the Fed, then...

One of the current political pushes says that we can solve all the problems in the world by giving the States more power, as this would allow smaller groups of Americans to decide what works best for them, without interfering with, or interference from, their neighbors.

Now, following this line of logic, then it would be even better if each County could override the States rules, each City overrides the County, each Neighborhood Association overrides each City, and each House overrides each Neighborhood Association, and each Person overrides each House. The Church doesn't have an official position in this, as they are just there as 'Advisors'.

Using this system of logic we should quickly and easily have a nice set of Laws that are clearly defined and understood by everyone. We could put all of these Laws into a collection and then give them a name, like Anarchy.

I was reading some comments on the American Thinker website which is what started me down this line of...thinking?