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August 2013
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Morgaath [userpic]

So first off we have the New York Post & FoxNews complaing that President Obama used a binderclip on the Jobs bill, which they hate. It seems it was to "chintzy" for them. Should he have spent more money on it, so they can claim it is government waste? Oh, and they also hate that it is only 150 pages or so long...because earlier they complained about the Healthcare bill being so long. I guess we are looking for the perfct Goldilocks length somewhere between the 2 documents, which must be held together with something more "dignified" then a binderclip.

Next up we have Pat Robertson and the 700 Club. Pat told the audience that a husband should be encouraged to divorce his wife with Alzheimer's because she was, for all intents and purposes, already dead. Just ignore that "Till death do you part" part of the vows. It is more of a guideline, really.

And then FoxNews is all over the 4 troopers on the ground in Libya, claiming this is proof Obama has broken his promise that there would not be any troops on the ground there. What are these troops doing there? They are checking the US Embasy for boobytraps and bombs, so they can make the place safe for Embassy personel to come back to the place. Maybe FoxNews would prefer that we just let untrained civilians walk in and find the boobytraps in a nasty explody way? After all dead Americans makes for good ratings.

And last but not least, 15.1% of America is living in poverty. This is a 6% jump in one year. It would have been even worse if extended unemployment was not given out.


Glad to see you are still alive and well!