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"I believe that I am because I have common sense and I have I believe the values that I think are reflective of so many other American values, and I believe that what Americans are seeking is not the elitism, the uhm, the ah, a kind of spineless, spinelessness that perhaps is made up for that with some kind of elite, Ivy league education and, and a fat resume that is based on anything but hard work and private sector, free enterprise principles. Americans are could be seeking something like that in positive change in their leadership, I'm not saying that that has to be me." - Sarah Palin when asked if she was intellectual enough to be the President of the US.

Was this question part of some horrible 'Gottcha!' journalism sprung on her by some radical Left Wing liberal branch of the Main Stream Media? No, it was part of an interview with Bill O'Reilly. See it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgWqz95JDcU&feature=player_embedded


I emailed a file to a customer. They need to print 50 copies of it for an upcoming event.
I got a reply asking me to fax it to them because their company is currently trying to cut down on the amount of printing they do... It's for the environment. I can't help but wonder if they have a fax/printer/scanner so they can print out the fax, scan it, and then print 50 copies all with the same machine.

It's not the only stupid 'Green' excuse I get at work. I have a customer who has me print and FedEx them materials as their company is trying to cut down on printing as part of their 'Green Initiative'. So this person thinks transporting them by truck and jet plane halfway across the US, is better for the environment then me sending an email.

I had a dream and, for once, I remembered it on waking. I have long suspected that most of my dreams are so close to real life that I just don't remember them (I often wake with the solution, or a new approach to a problem, bursting forth from my brain fully formed like Athena). Also it means that I am suspicious of my memories of conversations and activities that seem out of the norm for people, or directly go against earlier conversations (You want me to put what where?).

But the dream I am currently talking about was a little odd, and yet, not at all.

I was at a party chatting with some nondescript friends when I glanced across the room and saw her, nude, lounging on some cushions with multiple other nude sexy people (It felt a lot like a scene from Conflation during our first round at the Radisson, when we had all the pretty kitties, or maybe a Brad party). Eye contact made, happy little mischievous smile on her face, she crawled towards me on hand and knee, in a very exaggerated catwalk style, each limb crossing over the one behind it, odd side to odd side, maximizing the swaying of hips, I think she stopped the conversation in the room, but might just as easily have been that she became the center of the universe for me and I lost interest and awareness of others. She stopped when her face almost touched me, slid her knees forward so her thighs were spread wide to each side of her hands, leaned back while sliding her hands behind her back, clasping her elbows, forcing her back to arch and thrust out her breast (Wow, it takes forever to write out what happens in less then a second, but how else to describe something that is a dancer type move that leaves the person in a pose that is total submission, every line of their body screaming of their sexuality). She looked up at me and said "You will be my lover". That is when the alarm went off.

Yes, even in my dreams I am not in charge. Even when the dream is of a very willing submissive, but then I've always known that subs have all the real power in a relationship, doms are just doing their bidding. OK, I might be a little warped on this as I seem to be drawn towards strong alpha females. I can play with non-alpha females, but a relationship? Not going to happen.

I'd like to think that if this is normal for Diane Savino that she should work her way up to US Senator.



I think this could easily happen in my bedroom.

A well stocked bedroom - The Devil's Panties

Now if only my room was that neat and organized... not to mention BIG. Is it wrong that I dream of a big bedroom? That even though my house is a baby McMansion I find it to small? Might have something to do with having lived in the Argyles, where we had a living room that was about 3/4 the size of one floor of the current house, and a dining room that was the same size, plus 6 bedrooms, a sun porch big enough to hold to couches, all with 10 foot ceilings... and a bath tub a 6' person could lie in fully underwater. The 5'4 person... she had to work on not drowning.

So far in my life time I have spent 33 years with various different people in what I think of as long term relationships (To me it means they last 1 year or more). Three have lasted at least 5 years, one has lasted more then 10. Several of them have overlapped.
I have had sex with approximately 106 people (Based on earlier counts I've taken in my life, and then added on the more recent batch, as I don't exactly remember the names of all the girls from high school, and even less some of the one night stands from various bars and parties [Not sure I knew all their names the next morning]), or an average of a little more then 3 new people each year of the ~34 years I have been having sex.
Out of all of those people I am only aware of two of these people who might not be willing to greet me as a friend if they saw me, and most of them would likely be very happy to see me.

Now, given all of this experience, and vast amounts of data I've collected on my own and in long deep discussions with others [Some of which involved comparing data on the same female], I have come to the conclusion that women and relationships are incredibly confusing. There are times I am still trying to figure out exactly what was happening that one time with that one woman...umm... wait that was almost 20 years ago... Like a General re-fighting old battles and wondering if only I had tried something different would I have gotten the result I wanted?

I felt I had to share this thing I wish was a joke.

"Christian youth groups finally have an alternative to normal, aka 'front', hugs. As we all know, face to face embraces run the horrific risk of a clothed crotch graze. The Christian Side-Hug (or the CSH, as the kids call it) rids us of sin, as the only below the belt contact will be some good old-fashioned hip on hip action." (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/11/24/the-side-hug-youth-group_n_369651.html)

Joy and fun as they put down the sin of hugging while they claim to be "Rough Riders".... And I don't think they had Teddy Roosevelt in mind. I guess that while the Encounter Generation Conference is against PDA (Public Displays of Affection) they ignore what goes on behind closed doors. http://egconference.org/


Weddings consist of a couple standing in front of their friends and family, professing their love of one another, while someone (normally an ordained religious person) says some words, and then pronounces them a couple.

A marriage is an event where some authorized person signs a government issued piece of paper stating that he pronounced that two people are a couple, and then gets two other people to sign it stating that they saw him do it, and then sends it off to some bureaucratic government office where the Government then allows the couple to have special rights and privileges.

Currently same sex couples have weddings, but in most states they can't get married.

"If God had meant for there to be three in a bed, he would have made it easier for the one in the center to get out"

This is a very logical argument except:
1) I am an atheist.
2) The person in the middle climbs over the folks on the side, and well while you are there.... except of course the main reason the person in the middle is climbing out without wanting to disturb the others is to make a 3am run to the bathroom.
3) So a minor inconvenience is not worth being surrounded by love?

This was my saved draft. I am not even sure when I typed it up.
And it is not really a comment on Poly, unless you do have a relationship that might include threesomes.
It just as well covers one night stands, an open relationship, swingers, or just drunk folks who didn't even know there was a third person there.


I saw a news report on Polyamory: http://news.globaltv.com/programs/16x9/Love+Affairs/2082446/story.html

According to the 16x9 news report 1% of the population is Poly. That is 3 million people in America, which is comparable to the 2.8 million that watched FoxNews during prime time in Feb 2009.


Makes one think.

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