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The Wiseman & the Idiot

.......one in the same

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The wiseman & the idiot were walking down a road,
The wiseman & the idiot did stub their big toe,
The wiseman & the idiot did both began to freak,
as the realized it is from the same mouth they speak.
I am older then I want to be, disappointed that I have not done more with my life, amazed that I have done so much that makes me happy and had so few problems. Basically, I am pleased with my life and have very few regrets and most of those are in the “What if I would have done it different…” category rather then wishing I had not done them at all.

Currently in the best relationship I have been in, with a woman who shares most of my views and taste, while we keep changing our expectations of each other. I also have roommates/partners who shares our life. More on this later…

I am polyamorous, or at least I think I am. At the least I am not jealous. And please do not confuse poly with sex. Poly is no more about sex then being monogamist is. Poly is just like monogamy, just more confusing and complex. You think getting a partner that gets along with you is hard, try getting one that gets along that well with 2 or more people. More on this later…

I am a heterosexual who would accept being bi, if I could just find the right guy, but till then I will just have to keep loving women, in all their various flavors and colors. More on this later…

I am a self-titled “Jack-of-all-Trades”, able to do most things at the “not-bad” level. I mostly teach myself whatever interests me, but only until it no long has my attention. A mental butterfly… fluttering from interest to interest, gathering knowledge like pollen. AACHOOOOOO!

I am involved with several SciFi/Gaming conventions, mostly due to my partner. She is just one of those people that just walks in and volunteers, then proves so competent that they put her in charge of things. Me, I am just competent enough to be in charge of small projects where I have lots of control, but still have someone to run to for help when I get in over my head or need someone to stop me from going overboard. More on this later…

I work in one of those cubical farms that seem to everywhere. I am continually amazed that there is so little that gets done in the corporate world in a way I would think of as logical, the lack of technical ability in professionals, that so little forethought goes into plans…. Whole lots more on this later…